Win at Waiting

Win at Waiting, for desktop browser, and Android phone and watch.

The pace of life is fast and getting faster. The purpose of the book (a free iBook) is to help you get done more of what you want to do and reduce friction in relationships. It started out over fifteen years ago as an idea for a way to contribute to the peace of the world, by reducing the frustration that arises from the combination of two aspects of the human condition: (1) we wait a lot, and (2) most people don’t like to wait.

The app is intended to help organize things you've identified as constructive and enjoyable ways to spend spare moments by length of time, amount of privacy needed, and priority. A free Android app was made by Zachary Smith, Kevin Fulkerson, Drew Christman, and Eric Davis under Robert Willey's direction. It allows you to synchronize your repertoire of ways to win at waiting items through the website accessed by any portable device or desktop computer. You can also share the ways you've made public with your friends.