Win at Waiting: How to Make Life's Spare Moments More Productive and Enjoyable

Available for free on the iTunes store.

Download a copy for just 99 cents on the Google Play Store and get the free app for Android to help organize your ideas, or use the website, with or without your phone.

This book came about from looking for ways to reduce the stress caused by two aspects of modern life:

1) The pace of life is fast and getting faster, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get done everything we would like to do. 

2) Throughout the day we feel the frustration of being made to wait, something that most people don't enjoy doing.

Here is a strategy for coming up with ideas of things to do in any situation while waiting in order to turn the situation into something that is productive and enjoyable. It will help you get more done and reduce the resentment felt towards those that make you wait.

Please email us about what you find most productive and enjoyable to do while waiting. Feel free to check out the feedback and additional time management resources.


                            Hourglass by  Biju Subhash

                            Hourglass by Biju Subhash