Character Strength Builder

Character Strength Builder for Android

This app help users foster communication skills and seven personal qualities: grit, self-control, social intelligence, zest, gratitude, curiosity, and optimism. These are the character strengths identified by Angela Duckworth, the first two of which she believes are greater predictors of success in life than IQ and aptitude tests. These character strengths come from a longer list identified by the Positive Psychology movement as contributors to leading an enjoyable and fulfilling life. For more information see

Users will be presented with the list of seven character strengths and then can pick one for which they would like to make a goal. In her book Rethinking Positive Thinking Gabriele Oettingen presents evidence that merely expressing a goal can actually make you less likely to achieve it since in your enjoyment of the idea of the outcome your energy level drops and thereby your ambition to put out the energy to actually achieve it. When a user of this app sets a goal they will also use the technique of mental contrasting, in which they are guided to identify their goal, imagine the result, but then go on and consider what might interfere with it and then formulate a plan for overcoming them. This four-stage process can also be practiced using Dr. Oettingen's free app called “Woop” (